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Squash It!

Ready for another story. I love this one. It’s a Spanish tale about a king who is bitten by a louse. The louse is well cared-for since it has royal blood. It grows and grows until it’s as big as a horse. The king rides it every day. When the louse dies, the king has […]

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Castle of the Cats

Something exciting happened yesterday. My friend in Texas, Mike Klaybor, showed me how to create a virtual background for a recorded story video. You can do it on Zoom. I’ve been using Zoom during the quarantine to take a yoga class and keep in touch with friends. I never knew it had that capability. Mike […]

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Reviving My Website

R I must confess I’ve neglected my website lately. It’s not for lack of time. I was working on several writing projects. I was also wasting too much time on Facebook. Yesterday I received a notice that I have been banned from posting on Facebook for 30 days because of something I posted on my […]

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Eric reads “Elijah and the Priests of Baal.”

Passover and Easter come at the same time this year. Time for a Bible story. This is one about Prophet Elijah, one of my favorite characters in the Bible. He’s awe-inspiring, mysterious, and scary. The story of Elijah and the Priests of Baal is not a safe bedtime story. But it’s one that I’ve loved […]

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More Stories

It must be hard on all of you to have to stay inside most of the time. It’s hard on me as well, although I don’t mind. What matters is being safe. I thought it might help my fans get through these long days if I recorded some of my favorite books and stories. I’m […]

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As long as the virus is keeping us socked in, we may as well enjoy some stories. I’ll keep posting them if you keep enjoying them. Teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone else who would like to use them—feel free. That’s why I make them. Today’s story is one of my favorites: Waffles! It goes back […]

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