Reviving My Website


I must confess I’ve neglected my website lately. It’s not for lack of time. I was working on several writing projects. I was also wasting too much time on Facebook.

Yesterday I received a notice that I have been banned from posting on Facebook for 30 days because of something I posted on my personal page. I somehow offended “community standards.” I don’t get it. My Facebook “community” is limited to my friends. I’ve never been rude or impolite. Neither have my friends, although we often disagree on politics. That’s okay. I love it when we get an interesting conversation going. It’s important to share different views.

Since Facebook decided to ban me, I decided to turn the situation around and ban Facebook. I won’t be posting on my personal page or on my author page from now on. But I’m still online. You can get in touch with me here. Just go to the Ask Eric button. I always write back sooner or later.

With one exception: I’ve mentioned this several times. I’m unable to write back to children and teachers who use a school district email address. School servers have filters that do not let emails from unknown, unregistered senders to through. This makes sense because it’s there to protect the children. No problem with that. However, it makes it impossible for me to write back to you.

Here’s something else to consider. Check your email address. If it’s off by one number or letter, my email won’t go through and there’s no way I can contact you.

If you’ve written to me and I haven’t responded, make sure you’re using a SAFE personal email address and not the school one. I alway write back. If you don’t hear from me within a week or so, it means something’s not working. Check the address and try again.

Stay safe and write to me whenever you feel like it. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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