Filling the Days

What are you doing? How are you spending your time?

I wish I could say that I was writing something, but I’m not. I finished all the projects I was working on. I’d like to start something new. The idea hasn’t shown up yet.

I always enjoy baking. The problem is I also enjoy eating the bread and cookies I bake. One symptom I’ve noticed about this virus is that your clothes start shrinking. I wonder if they’ll find a vaccine for that; so you can eat all the bread and cookies you want without gaining any wait.

I also feel as if I’m getting old. This past month the children of several friends of mine around the country and around the world have written to me that they’re graduating from high school or college. They’re also having children of their own. My friend Arielle in Texas is expecting twins in September. Her little boy Nolan is going to have a brother and a sister. Arielle’s brother Adam and his wife Ann just learned that they have a baby on the way. Twins run in Ann’s family. Her mom has a twin sister. That one baby may become two as time goes by.

I remember two years ago when Adam and Arielle’s parents were bemoaning the fact that they might never get to be grandparents. Now they could potentially end up with FIVE grandchildren!

The world is full of surprises. There are still candles of joy even in these dark times.

Stay safe!

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