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That Darn Spam!

You may have noticed a new format if you’ve recently visited my Kids Ask Eric page. The Ask Eric A Question form has a space at the bottom for a phone number. Why would I want your phone number? Kids write to me from all over the country, even all over the world. The latest […]

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Teachers’s Guides

What I like best about my website is that my webmaster Wess set it up so I can do most of the work myself. That means I have to learn the program, solve problems, and figure out how to get the pages the way I want them. Wess will help if I get stuck. Still, […]

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Writing To Authors

I recently received a rush of letters from children all over the country whose classes are writing to a favorite author. It’s important to me that I answer these letters, or at least respond and acknowledge that I received them. If children go through the trouble of writing a letter, they deserve an answer. However, […]

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How Did It Go?

Yesterday I blogged about how I planned to experiment with my new text-to-speech program, Dragon Dictate. How did it go? Frustrating at times, but ultimately successful. I sent myself quite a task, getting a new chapter boos started. I wanted to take a picture book manuscript I had written several years ago and expand it […]

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Making Story Videos

Several of my writer friends have asked me how I go about making the videos in the Hear A Story section of my website. I thought the best way to do it would be to post the process on my blog. That way it would always be here and easy to find. I can’t say […]

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The Website’s Almost Done

This was a busy summer! One of the most important things I did was sit down with Wess Willis, my webmaster, and talk about the website. I’ve used the same design for more than ten years. It was starting to look cluttered with big blocks of text and long lists of books. Wess told me […]

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