Autographing at Wild Arts

I spent a delightful afternoon at the Portland Audubon Society’s Wild Arts Festival. It’s one of our city’s premier shopping events. Lots of authors and artists offering all sorts of books and handicrafts focused on the wildlife and natural environments that the Audubon Society works hard to protect and maintain. I’m always honored to be […]

Say Hello to Big Sam

I have another book coming out in August. Say ‘Hello’ to Big Sam, the giant. Sam has to make a giant challah for Rosh Hashanah, enough to feed all his friends. He has a lot of them and some are pretty big. On the other hand, the Grand Canyon makes a fine mixing bowl and […]

A Surprise On My Doorstep

I opened the door this morning to find a box of books on my front porch. The publisher usually sends a box of 10 or 20 books to the author and the artist when a new book or a new edition comes out. This box contained copies of my Book of Greek Myths in Portuguese […]

Always Working On Something!

This has been a busy spring so far. I’ve been busy working on several new books. Yesterday I finished revising the proposal for a third Scarlett and Sam adventure. This time they’ll have an undersea adventure with Jonah the prophet (a very unpleasant fellow.) Everyone talks about Jonah and the Whale. There’s no whale in the […]

A Real Bike

Spent yesterday reviewing the sketches for the illustrations for a new book coming out next year. It’s called If I Had A Real Bike. It follows a simple story. Our hero wants to move up from a baby bike to a “real” bike. There are so many different kinds. Which kind shall it be? Road […]

New Adventures for Scarlett and Sam

It’s always a challenge when you finish a major project. There’s always a bit of a let-down. What do I do next? The manuscript for Scarlett and Sam’s second Bible adventure, The Search for the Shamir, has been put to bed. This one will feature King Solomon, Nathan the Prophet, and Ashmodai, king of the demons. […]


My website was hacked while I was off taking care of my new knee. Thanks to my webmaster, Wess Willis, it’s back up and running. I still have to go through it to make sure everything is here. If not, I’ll have to add new things. That will have to wait until after the holidays. […]

In Recovery

Eric, where have you been! I haven’t been here, that’s for sure. On October 14th, two weeks before my birthday, I went into the hospital to have my left knee replaced. It had been bothering me for years, causing a lot of pain and making walking difficult. I used to love to go hiking. In […]

Back To School

All my fans are heading back to school. Time for me to get back to business. I spent most of this week working on a book about bicycling in Portland. Portland is a great city for bicycling. You see bicycles everywhere. Sometimes there are more bikes on the street than cars. The story I’m working […]

Skype Visits

We’ve had a lot of success this year with Skype visits. School will be starting all around the country in another month. Available dates are beginning to fill up. If you’d like to arrange for a Skype visit or would just like to get more information, click HERE.

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