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Magic, Unlimited

What if the Middle Ages weren’t so medieval? What if, along with knights, wizards, and dragons, they had sports cars, cell phones, computers, and the internet?

What if a wizard and a minstrel could provide princesses, knights, ogres, and even dragons with total makeovers.

That would be magical. More than that, it would be…MAGIC, UNLIMITED!

The Three Little Tamales

BuyLife is good for Three Little Tamales…until Señor Lobo, the Big Bad Wolf, shows up

Jack and the Giant Barbecue


Jack’s late daddy once made the best barbecue in West Texas, until a giant stole his recipe book. Jack is determined to find that greedy old giant and get those recipes back! With a little bit of strength, the help of an unlikely jukebox, and a whole lot of luck, Jack outwits the giant and opens his own barbecue shack. John Manders’ hilarious gouache paintings, accented with colored pencils and highlights, bring Eric Kimmel’s version of Jack and the Beanstalk to uproarious life.

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins


Hershel of Ostropol, the famous trickster, arrives at a village on the first night of Hanukkah. He learns that the wicked goblins who terrorize the town don’t allow any Hanukkah celebrations. Will Hershel be able to break their power? What happens when he confronts the King of the Goblins himself?

Medio Pollito


Medio Pollito is only a half-chick. But he has a whole heart and a lot of courage. He sets out for the city of Madrid to visit the king. Instead of meeting the king, he finds himself in a cooking pot. It looks as if the Half-Chick is about to become a half-soup. Will his friends Agua, Fuego, and Viento rescue him in time?

Joha Makes a Wish


On his way to Baghdad, Joha discovers a magical wishing stick buried in an ancient wall. He tries it out, only to find that he gets the opposite of what he wished for. His upside-down wishes get him into serious trouble. Will Joha be able to set things right once he holds the stick the right way? And what is he going to do about the sultan’s nose?

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