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Strange Days

Publishing is getting awfully strange these days. I was talking about it with my friend, Elizabeth Winthrop (Castle In The Attic). Elizabeth agreed. Sometimes it feels as if we fell down the rabbit hole. Here’s what got us started. I asked one of my editors if I could have jpegs of the pages of a […]

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Messing Around With Slides

Many authors and illustrators whom I admire present slide shows as part of their presentations. I’ve resisted using slides for decades. One reason was that it was something else to mess with; something else that could get fouled up and go wrong. I’ve heard too many tales over the years of broken projectors, burnt-out bulbs, […]

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More Notes from the Coast: Margriet Ruurs

The last time I wrote I posted some of my notes from the Oregon Coast Children’s Book Writers Workshop at Oceanside. Here are more ideas for writers, especially for doing research and writing nonfiction articles. Margriet Ruurs gave an outstanding talk using Apple’s Keynote program to highlight the points she wanted to make. I was […]

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