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Next Big Thing Blog Tour 3

I’ve tossed the Blog Tour ball to Nina Laden. Her response to the questions is posted. Click HERE for the link to her blog page. Elizabeth Winthrop and Ann Angel wanted to join, too. I don’t see their entries up yet. I’ll post links when they’re up. This is fun. Let ‘s keep the tour […]

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The Next Big Thing Blog Tour/2

The idea of taking part in a blog tour is proving popular. Pam tells me I can tag more than one person. Nina Laden will post her responses to the questions in a few days. Elizabeth Winthrop wants to take part. I may have a few more names to add as well. I will post […]

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The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

The Next Big Thing is an author blog tour. What’s a blog tour? A blog tour gives those on the tour a chance to meet different authors by way of their blogs. The Next Big Thing began in Australia. Each week a different author answers specific questions about his or her upcoming book. The answers […]

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