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I Want A Real Bike (in Oregon)

2018 is off to a great start. I have several new books that I’m very excited about. Here’s one of my favorites: I Want A Real Bike (in Oregon.) Our main characters has outgrown his bike. He really needs a new one to keep up with his friends. There are so many different kinds of […]

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Watching For Whales

We had a wonderful time during our three-day holiday at Yachats on the Central Oregon coast. A pod of gray whales stays offshore year-round. On a good day you can see their spouts just beyond the surf. Conditions have to be right. If there’s too much wind and the water is choppy, their spouts are […]

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All You Need Is Love

Two weeks ago I spent five days at the Oregon Coast, taking part in the Oregon Children’s Book Writers Workshop. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about it. Aside from getting to hang out with my Oregon writer friends Tom Birdseye, David Greenberg, Pam Smith Hill, Margaret Anderson, and former Oregonian Margriet Ruurs, […]

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The Snake (still continued)

It’s been raining here in Portland. One good thing about our climate, I get a lot of writing done when it rains. Taking advantage of the cloudy skies, I’ve been plowing ahead with The Snake. In a previous post I wrote how Omar’s snake escaped and how he has to get it back without his […]

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