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Question From Overseas

I’m always glad to see people using the “Ask Eric” page of my website. I’ve gotten a lot of good questions about writing. I hope that my answers might be valuable to the person who asked the question and to others who might be reading it. Children aren’t the only ones who ask questions. They […]

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Strange Days

Publishing is getting awfully strange these days. I was talking about it with my friend, Elizabeth Winthrop (Castle In The Attic). Elizabeth agreed. Sometimes it feels as if we fell down the rabbit hole. Here’s what got us started. I asked one of my editors if I could have jpegs of the pages of a […]

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Genre Fiction

I was talking to my friend Elizabeth Winthrop last week. Elizabeth has written outstanding books in just about every genre there is. Children’s book lovers would know her best for The Castle In The Attic. We were talking about the apparent need today of publishers being able to fit a proposed book into some sort […]

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When Elephants Fly

I make it a point to read Thomas Friedman’s columns in the New York Times. He always has thought-provoking comments about technology and politics, especially relating to the Middle East This Sunday his column was especially interesting. Its title was Watching Elephants Fly. Here’s the  link. It’s worth reading. Friedman begins his discussion of the […]

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I just caught a whiff of something significant blowing in the wind. Amazon announced that it’s starting a lending library. I’ll have to research this further. So far, this is what I’m getting from what I’ve read online. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to download ebooks to your Kindle or […]

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How To Raise A Reluctant Reader

An astonishing article appeared on the front page of the New York Times yesterday. Here’s the link so you can read it yourself: Picture Books, Long a Staple, Lose Out in the Rush to Read. Since most of my books are picture books, this is not something I want to read the first thing in […]

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