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The Runaway Tortilla

Spread the word. The Runaway Tortilla, long out-of-print, is available as of September with new illustrations by Erik Brooks. Click HERE to check it out.

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Author Afternoon

I did my first author program of the season yesterday afternoon in Camas, Washington at the beautiful Camas Public Library. I felt like an ancient fossil since the two highly talented writers presenting with me—Katy Towell and E.S. Gibson—were just starting their careers. It was an exciting afternoon. I learned a lot, especially about using […]

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The Tortilla Is Back

I’ve just seen the new illustrations for The Runaway Tortilla. Kudos to Erik Brooks, the illustrator! The book will not be released until September. You can get a preview HERE. Why are there new illustrations? Why is there a new edition anyway? What was wrong with the old one? Good questions. Winslow Press, the original […]

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