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Those of you who have been following my blog for a few years may remember my postings about a book I was writing. At the time the book was called Omar’s Snake or The Snake. I forget which came first. I’m terrible at titles. The title is usually the last thing I think of. I […]

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Omar’s Snake

I had some awfully good news this week. Mary Cash at Holiday House, one of my favorite editors, accepted my manuscript, Omar’s Snake, for publication. Mary specifically mentioned working on revisions for the opening chapter. I’m interested to hear her ideas, since the opening chapter is critical. In fact, the cover and the opening paragraph—perhaps […]

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Moment of Truth

I’ve had that story about the snake friends taking on the classroom bullies at the back of my mind (and at the back of my computer) for a couple of weeks. A number of friends have urged me do something with it. A recent stroll through Barnes & Noble added a little impetus. There seem […]

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Horse Latitudes

The iPad’s here. I’ve checked it out. Now I have to figure out whether or not I want to get one. Time to let the whole matter sit for awhile. I’m leaving for a conference in Des Moines tomorrow. Then next week I’ll go to the Texas Library Association meeting in San Antonio. Jane Yolen […]

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