Arranging An In-person Author Visit with Eric

Eric conducts a maximum of three presentations in the course of the day.

He prefers to have the classes grouped together roughly by age. Younger children still learning the basics of writing have different needs than older children wrestling with the challenges of composition and revision.

Programs for older children are generally 45 minutes to an hour. They average 30-45 minutes for younger children. Eric likes to save 5-10 minutes at the end of each presentation for questions. Children should feel free to ask anything about writing that they’d like to know. • When Eric presents to younger children (K-2nd grade), he’ll share one of his books as a story and take them “behind the scenes” to explain how he got the idea, how he developed it, and why he made the decisions he did when he was writing it.

He does the same with older children (3rd-6th grade), but in greater depth and detail. He emphasizes the importance of revision and talks about how an author works with an editor. He shows them how a story goes from idea to book, and how the publishing process works. Eric likes to encourage children who enjoy writing to think about writing as a future career. “Someone’s going to be a great writer in the future. Why can’t that someone be you?”

Kindergarten children and special needs children are always welcome at Eric’s presentations. If attention spans are limited, Eric lets the teacher judge of how long the children ought to stay. Eric is fully comfortable with special needs children and whatever arrangements need to be made to make the program enjoyable for them.

Eric enjoys spending time with children and teachers. An evening program for families can be scheduled one of the three presentations. Arrangements can also be made for children who are interested in writing to have lunch with Eric.

Eric has been a presenter and keynote speaker at dozens of conferences. Just as with school visits, he will do a maximum of three programs/speeches/workshops/panels in one day. Tell us your needs so we can work together to meet them.

Eric’s equipment needs are simple. A microphone and a digital projector for his Apple laptop are all he needs. Eric carries the adapter cable with him.

Eric’s honoraria for 2015-2016 is as follows:


  • $1200 per day plus mileage.
  • For three days or more, $1000 per day plus expenses (mileage, lodging, meals).


  • $1700 per day plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals).
  • $1500 per day plus expenses if booking three days or more.
  • Mileage is reimbursed at the rate of  57.5 cents per mile.

We encourage schools, libraries, or organizations in an area to share a visit. Sharing a visit allows them to share expenses. This considerably reduces the cost.


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