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A Real Bike
Posted on 20, Jan, 2017 under Books, Illustration, Writing.

Spent yesterday reviewing the sketches for the illustrations for a new book coming out next year. It’s called If I Had A Real Bike. It follows a simple story. Our hero wants to move up from a baby bike to

New Adventures for Scarlett and Sam
Posted on 13, Jan, 2017 under Books.

It’s always a challenge when you finish a major project. There’s always a bit of a let-down. What do I do next? The manuscript for Scarlett and Sam’s second Bible adventure, The Search for the Shamir, has been put to bed.

Posted on 24, Dec, 2016 under Uncategorized, Website Stuff.

My website was hacked while I was off taking care of my new knee. Thanks to my webmaster, Wess Willis, it’s back up and running. I still have to go through it to make sure everything is here. If not,

In Recovery
Posted on 19, Dec, 2016 under Motivation, Uncategorized.

Eric, where have you been! I haven’t been here, that’s for sure. On October 14th, two weeks before my birthday, I went into the hospital to have my left knee replaced. It had been bothering me for years, causing a

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