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The Tortilla Is Back
Posted on 25, Feb, 2015 under Books, Illustration, Reading.

I’ve just seen the new illustrations for The Runaway Tortilla. Kudos to Erik Brooks, the illustrator! The book will not be released until September. You can get a preview HERE. Why are there new illustrations? Why is there a new

Photo Album
Posted on 29, Jan, 2015 under Illustration, Website Stuff.

The Photo Album is the last part of my website that I have to revise. None of the photos transferred over when we switched servers this summer. I still have the pictures, so I just have to sit down and

Anansi’s Future?
Posted on 28, Jan, 2015 under Books, Writing.

Children and teachers keep writing to ask if and when I’m going to write another story about Anansi the Spider. I actually have one. The problem is that neither my editor, Mary Cash, nor Janet Stevens, the illustrator, is interested

Gabriel’s Horn
Posted on 26, Jan, 2015 under Books, Illustration, Writing.

I finished the final editing revisions for my latest book, Gabriel’s Horn. Special thanks go to my editor, Amy Fitzgerald, who had some excellent ideas for whipping the manuscript into its final shape. This book has an interesting history. It’s

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