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The Greeds
Posted on 10, May, 2014 under Writing.

I love getting letters from kids. Some are tricky to answer, especially when the red-eyed Greed Monster raises its head. “Can you send me an autograph?” “Can you put me in a book?” “Can you send me a free book?”

‘Tis The Season
Posted on 06, May, 2014 under Website Stuff, Writing.

‘Tis the season…” For some reason the spring brings a flood of emails from children asking me questions about my books, how I write them, and how I became an author. They seem to come from specific cities, so I

Ghosts From The Past
Posted on 15, Apr, 2014 under Books, Writing.

They say that when you get to a certain stage in life, people and things from your past start showing up. That’s eerie to think about. Nevertheless, I’m discovering that it’s true. Last week my college friend Steve Burghardt sent

Question From Overseas
Posted on 01, Feb, 2014 under Books, Motivation, Writing.

I’m always glad to see people using the “Ask Eric” page of my website. I’ve gotten a lot of good questions about writing. I hope that my answers might be valuable to the person who asked the question and to

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