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Watching For Whales
Posted on 30, Aug, 2015 under Uncategorized.

We had a wonderful time during our three-day holiday at Yachats on the Central Oregon coast. A pod of gray whales stays offshore year-round. On a good day you can see their spouts just beyond the surf. Conditions have to

Off To The Coast
Posted on 24, Aug, 2015 under Uncategorized.

We are taking a short holiday at Yachats, on the Oregon Coast. It really hasn’t been such a great summer. It has been unseasonably, record-breakingly hot. Now we’re dealing with the smoke from terrible forest fires in Central Oregon and

Author Afternoon
Posted on 23, Aug, 2015 under Uncategorized.

I did my first author program of the season yesterday afternoon in Camas, Washington at the beautiful Camas Public Library. I felt like an ancient fossil since the two highly talented writers presenting with me—Katy Towell and E.S. Gibson—were just

Writing To Authors
Posted on 26, Jul, 2015 under Writing.

My librarian friend Sharron McElmeel has some excellent suggestions for teachers considering having their children write to an author. I’m posting them with her permission. They’re well-worth considering if you want to get a response and have the experience be

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