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Posted on 23, Jan, 2015 under Website Stuff.

I’m sitting here at Tiny’s Cafe on Martin Luther King Boulevard waiting for my webmaster Wess to get here from downtown. We has upgraded the website software. He wants to get together to show me new things that I can

Something New
Posted on 22, Jan, 2015 under Writing.

My agent, Jennifer Laughran, sent me an email with a great suggestion. Have I ever tried writing graphic novels? I was puzzled at first. I’m not an artist. Jenn explained that I don’t have to be. A lot of GN’s

Great Idea!
Posted on 20, Jan, 2015 under Illustration.

My agent, Jennifer Laughran, sent me an email yesterday. She thought this might be a crazy idea, but she wanted to run it by me anyway. Have I ever though of writing the script for a graphic novel? Some of

New Books
Posted on 18, Jan, 2015 under Books, Illustration, Writing.

It’s 2015 and this is my first post. I made a solemn New Year resolution: post regularly to the blog. Don’t get distracted. That’s my promise. Hold me to it. Better yet, I’m going to hold myself to it. People

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