Hear a Story

Moby Dick

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Sail with Captain Ahab on his mad quest for Moby Dick, the dreaded White Whale who took his leg.

The Three Little Tamales

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Three little tamales run away from the taquería so they won’t be eaten. What will they do when Señor Lobo, the Big Bad Wolf, shows up?

Jack and the Giant Barbecue

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Jack climbs up to the clouds to reclaim his Daddy’s barbecue recipe book from the nasty giant who stole it. He brings it off with the help of a country juke box. Get ready for a finger-licking good ending.

3 Cabritos

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The Three Cabritos are on their way to Mexico to play at the fiesta. First, they have to cross the bridge over the Rio Grande River. Everyone knows who lives under that bridge—Chupacabra, the Goat Sucker! Will the Cabritos get to the fiesta? Or will Chupacabra have himself a meal?

The Fisherman and the Turtle

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Back in the time of the Aztecs a fisherman caught a magical sea turtle who granted him a wish. The fisherman is content with his lot. His wife has other ideas.

Be careful making wishes. They might come true.

Cactus Soup

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Soldiers march into a small Mexican town. The mayor tells them there’s no food, hoping they’ll go away. The soldiers have a secret to share—how to make soup from a cactus thorn. Now that’s a secret worth learning!

The Golem’s Latkes

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The golem, a clay giant, will do whatever he’s asked. The problem is, he won’t stop. So when he starts making latkes…

It’s a Hanukkah party that the people of Old Prague won’t soon forget.

Joha Makes A Wish

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On his way to Baghdad, Joha discovers a magical wishing stick buried in an ancient wall. He tries it out, only to find that he gets the opposite of what he wished for. His upside-down wishes get him into serious trouble. Will Joha be able to set things right once he holds the stick the right way? And what is he going to do about the sultan’s nose?

Joseph and the Sabbath Fish

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Judah thinks his friend Joseph is wasting his money by inviting everyone in town, rich and poor, to his Sabbath table. Frightened by a dream that shows Joseph controlling his wealth, Judah sells everything he owns to buy a rich jewel, then flees on a ship to Africa. However, he can’t run away from destiny. And as Joseph says, honoring the Sabbath brings its own reward

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